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Oleen Pinnacle provides seasoned financial, technical and clinical consultants to assist hospitals, ambulatory practices, community health centers and FQHCs with a broad variety of services ranging from strategic planning and operations to technology optimization and Meaningful Use.

We specialize in:


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    Payment Bundling / Episodes of Care

    Oleen Pinnacle can help your organization lead and/or support your payment bundling and CCJR initiatives. With experience and a proven blue print for implementing Episodes of Care models, we can offer strategic insight and support services to help you succeed.
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    Meaningful Use

    Oleen Pinnacle can help simplify the process for meeting Meaningful Use objectives, while also helping EP practices become higher performing clinics. We are experts in attestation, privacy and security, as well as workflow redesign that incorporate MU criteria. Contact us today to learn how we can help you become meaningful users and avoid the penalties looming on the horizon.
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    Through our work on the forefront of HIE nationwide, Oleen Pinnacle has earned a vast amount of experience in all aspects of HIE. We can help your practice “bring it all together.” We provide a full range of technology and operations services to help evaluate your needs and connect all of the pieces for achieving meaningful use, as well as benefit from operational efficiencies and improved financial and clinical outcomes. For more information about our HIE experience, see the Government/Public Health section of our site. Contact us today to learn more!
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    EMR Systems

    Are you getting your money’s worth from your EMR? Oleen Pinnacle can help to align your EMR’s capabilities with operations and business goals, so you can achieve the advantages you initially envisioned. Whether you have recently installed an EMR system or you have been utilizing it for a while, we offer a broad range of services to meet you where you are and take you where you want to go.
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    PCMH / ACO

    Oleen Pinnacle can help you to apply and receive recognition as a NCQA PCMH or ACO. We customize our services (no cookie cutters here) to help you realize your strategic vision for your practice. We offer in-person, current-state gap assessments for all three levels of recognition, as well as remediation services. We will provide a tool kit and templates help you document the work you’re already doing and to streamline the application process for recognition. Contact us today to learn more!
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    HIPAA Privacy & Security

    Oleen Pinnacle can help make certain that you have the proper technology controls, processes and policies in place to protect your organization from HIPAA penalties and potential civil and criminal liabilities.
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    ICD 10/11

    Partner with Oleen Pinnacle and achieve compliance. We can help prepare you to leverage the ICD-10/11 mandate and minimize your exposure and operational risks. Our services include comprehensive assessments, planning, system remediation and optimization, as well as training.
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    Health Information Systems

    Our proven experience in both the business and practice of healthcare equips us to offer expert guidance to hospitals and healthcare providers looking to optimize their HIS/HIT to improve clinical and financial outcomes. Oleen Pinnacle is experienced in leading-edge and legacy platforms and offers services tailored to the specific needs of your organization. Call us today to learn how we can lead or supplement your efforts!
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    EHR Transformation

    There are major trends and significant government incentives quickly moving healthcare organizations toward the implementation of electronic health records (EHR). Oleen Pinnacle has established a robust service offering to assist physicians and communities working to increase the use of healthcare IT. Our services include: practice readiness assessments, vendor selection, EHR implementation, ongoing support, and contracting services. Contact us today to learn more!
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    IT & Operational Assessments

    Conducted by senior-level consultants, our IT and operational assessments include a comprehensive review of the client’s IT operating and capital investment budget, organization and staff, technical architecture, application portfolio, current projects, governance, and competitor analysis. We will identify areas of potential concern, offer advice on ways to improve, and provide you with a descriptive and prescriptive roadmap to help you reach your goals.
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    Interim & On-Demand CIO

    When a mission-critical project or business transition requires nothing but the best IT management, let Oleen Pinnacle augment your staff with an interim CIO or technology manager. Smaller organizations can benefit from our "On Demand" services to leverage our expertise at a fraction of the cost of a full-time resource. Our team has a proven track record in advanced enterprise IT management, network development, application management, facilities improvement and other key disciplines.
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    Quality Improvement

    Oleen Pinnacle can assist you with IT-enabled, integrated quality measurement and improvement. We help clients to identify and capture the appropriate quality and cost metrics, as well as analyze and implement improvement initiatives to affect cultural change in your organization.
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    Emergency Department

    Unique to the industry, we provide operational and process improvements paired with the IT support necessary for successful implementation. We understand that these two aspects are interdependent: 1) Even the best IT systems will not improve poor processes. 2) Operational improvements cannot be successfully implemented without appropriate IT support.
Top 3 Reasons to Chose Oleen Pinnacle

Our clients rehire us and refer us to their peers!

  • In 2013, 93% of our revenue was the result of former clients rehiring us for new projects.
  • Over the past three years, more than 70% of our clients have rehired us after our initial engagements were complete.
  • Within the past 12 months, more than 90% of our new business is the result of referrals from happy clients and consultants.

Our amazing team has a vast amount of hands-on experience.

  • Our management team averages 22+ years of experience working across all areas of the healthcare industry.
  • We will never send you a trainee or someone fresh out of college. We only hire seasoned professionals.
  • Vendor agnostic and fluent with all mainstream systems, our consultants serve as objective technology advocates for all our clients.

Our unique, holistic insight can help you succeed as the industry transforms.

As healthcare transforms and the roles of payers, providers and government converge, it has never been more important to understand how it all works together. Working on the forefront in each of these areas nationwide, Oleen Pinnacle brings unique perspective and synergy to help our clients succeed.