Oleen Pinnacle has the technical skills and operational expertise to help you select, implement, extend and support your core claims and administration systems. Vendor independent and fluent in all mainstream systems, we serve as an objective technology advocate for our clients. We provide a variety of services tailored to your specific needs, including:

DST, AMISYS, PowerMHC, PowerMHS, HealthEdge, HealthRules, Monument HealthTrio,HPEDS,MetaVance, ika, ikaSystems, ikaClaims, McKesson, ClaimCheck, ClaimsXten, Perot, Diamond, Excellus, PlexisClaims Manager, Quantum Choice, RAM Technologies, eHEALTHsuite, TriZetto, QNXT, Facets, payer IT, core system, healthcare IT, health benefit exchange, BlueCross, Aetna, HTMS, Blue Eagle Consulting, TekSystems, CTG, ValueOptions, Pete Biagioni, HL7
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    System Selection

    Our comprehensive industry expertise and selection methodology, operational best practices and knowledge of the vendor product landscape can help you select the right core claims & administration system and applications for your needs. With our knowledge of best practices and extensive vendor relationships, you are assured of the most efficient selection process, at the lowest possible cost.
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    Implementation & Configuration

    We provide key support services to reinforce a successful implementation of your new healthcare technology system, helping you take quick advantage of the solution’s benefits, enhance performance and scalability, and maximize the value of your investment.
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    Application Development

    Oleen Pinnacle develops world-class technology solutions and custom applications for the healthcare industry. We use innovative engagement and process models that are custom-designed to meet your business needs, and balance a high-level business view with close attention to detail during the project’s execution.
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    Testing & Data Entry Automation

    Oleen Pinnacle offers traditional testing & QA services (Model Office, User Acceptance Testing, etc.), as well as the latest in automation. We have partnered with Network Automation to offer Health Plans a solution for quickly implementing and realizing value from the AutoMate 9 tool! Automate 9 can be used to gain configuration efficiencies when maintaining your core claims & administration system environment.
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    Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence

    Oleen Pinnacle’s data warehouse implementation services allow you to transform large volumes of data into manageable assets, which can be mined to deliver real-time, actionable information to employees, managers, and business partners.
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    Reporting as a Service

    Let us help to ease some of your reporting headache! We offer Reporting as a Service (RaaS) for a large menu of standard reports for QNXT and Facets environment. Our report menu is continually growing, so contact us to see how we can help you!
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    Technical Services

    Outsourcing your technical service requirements is one of the most cost-effective ways to stretch precious IT dollars, while gaining valuable expertise in support of your IT infrastructure. Our skill set covers all of today’s complex healthcare systems and web technologies, allowing you to improve your operations, while reducing overall costs.

System Expertise

We are vendor independent, so our clients trust us to provide objective guidance with their best interest in mind. We have extensive experience with a variety of leading vendor systems, including:

  • DST® (AMISYS™, PowerMHC™, PowerMHS™, etc.)
  • HealthEdge® (HealthRules™)
  • Monument® / HealthTrio®
  • HP®/ EDS® (MetaVance™)
  • ikaSystems® (ikaClaims™, etc.)
  • McKesson®  (ClaimCheck™, ClaimsXten™)
  • Perot® / Dell® (Diamond™, Excellus™)
  • Plexis® (Claims Manager™, Quantum Choice™)
  • RAM Technologies® (eHEALTHsuite™)
  • TriZetto® (QNXT™, Facets™, etc.)
  • Various clinical & other systems